Communications Consultant

    • Job Tracking ID: 512830-793007
    • Job Location: Nairobi, KEN
    • Job Level: Any
    • Level of Education: BA/BS
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: October 13, 2021
    • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
    • Starting Date: July 18, 2022
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Job Description:


  • Nairobi, Kenya

Assignment Includes:

  • The Communications Consultant will work as part of the KELC Secretariat (commonly referred to as the Head Office) and will offer leadership and implement the communication function in KELC. The Communications Consultant will work cooperatively with the communication committee, all heads of departments, staff, volunteers to ensure good communication within the church. This position is responsible for the overall planning, organization and direction of KELC’s communication strategies and public information activities and promoting the effective and timely communication to media, policymakers, donors, partners, members of KELC and other persons or bodies that would be the intended consumers of information that is connected with KELC.
  • The Communications Consultant will ensure coordination and management of the KELC’s integrated communication, publicity and public relations. This position will work with both external and internal constituencies be in constant consultation with the top leadership of KELC, to ensure overall continuity of institutional brand and consistency of image. This position will be responsible for fostering and maintaining relationships with the media, partner organizations, national and international institutions, government officials, KELC staff and members etc. This position will be fostering greater awareness about KELC and facilitating opportunities for KELC to increase its general and online visibility to the public and to the partners.

Specific assignments may include the following:

  • Plan, organize, and direct overall communication strategies and public information dissemination for KELC, including a communication program to enhance the reputation and visibility of KELC locally, internationally and online
  • Oversee internal and external communications and presentations, in close relation and consultation with the top leadership of KELC and its departments and committees
  • Oversee KELC's digital communication, including managing the content for the website, social media platforms, such as Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram etc., and print media
  • Prepare publishing and disseminating for members and partners the "Messenger" publication that circulates updated news about KELC, its membership, development areas, progress
  • Attend church events and activities and document the happenings for posterity and for sharing with members and partners
  • Attend press activities, such as press releases and events in which the church has an interest or stake
  • Maintain extensive and positive relationships with national and international media and partners
  • Represent KELC in the media and other relevant events and occasions
  • Prepare and provide detailed relevant reports of the department and its activities
  • Prepare audience-specific reports for consumption by the church members and partners
  • Support communication goals of KELC regarding national and global advocacy around issues relevant to the church, inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary debates
  • Participate in implementation of the church’s strategic plan in matters related to communication
  • Identify KELC’s communication needs and goals by conducting periodic assessments to understand how KELC communicates internally and externally and identify gaps and opportunities
  • Develop and implement a master 'branding' plan for KELC with input from members and stakeholders
  • Develop and implement annual plans that include goals, activities, materials and performance indicators. Annual plans should be discussed with key KELC leadership
  • Produce content for distribution through several information channels and platforms.
  • Work collaboratively with other departments, journal editors and editorial teams to pick noteworthy and newsworthy items and reflections that should go into KELC’s website, social media and newsletter.
  • Work closely with KELC officers to identify relevant events and opportunities.
  • Maintain an updated database of experts on various technical areas (e.g. health, disaster response, fundraising, media/information policy, environment, politics, race, ethnicity, religion, war/conflict) for press inquiries and participate in various venues and events
  • Promote the visibility of KELC through relevant journals, publications, media appearances and links to key institutions and people
  • Manage and keep update, in conjunction with the developers, the KELC app and the content therein e.g. hymn books and calendar.
  • Manage financial expenses or fees for internet domains, if any, are paid on time
  • Set-up and manage the online audio-visual and virtual meetings software and hardware infrastructure e.g. zoom and skype platforms
  • Ensure the communication gadgets and implements e.g. projectors and voice-recorders are under safe custody and well maintained and repaired.
  • Coordinate/provide logistical support to members, groups and teams organizing local, national, and international events primarily aimed at raising the visibility of KELC
  • Monitor appearances of KELC and its members in media, as well as participation in forums focused on funding, church affairs etc.
  • Travel as assigned by the supervisor or designated superior.

All ELCA Global Personnel participate in mission interpretation.

Site Information:

This position will be based in Nairobi, Kenya with the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church

Experience and Skills:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (public relations, journalism, communication etc.)
  • A minimum of three years professional experience, ideally with some experience with non-profit, religious or para-church organizations, social sector
  • English required, Swahili helpful
  • Excellent communication skills within a multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to handle multiple projects under time and resource pressures
  • Multilingual skills would be helpful (Swahili, German)
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including active listening
  • Attention to details and be results-oriented
  • Working knowledge of media operations and expertise in the field of public relations and release of information for publication will be an added advantage
  • Ability to develop communication strategies related to organizational policies in collaboration with a diverse team
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of theories, principles and practices of communication as they relate information services
  • Knowledge of the latest advances in effective use of digital and social media for effective corporate communication, including (ideally) online communities, search as engine optimization and other digital marketing and communication tools
  • Ability to develop and maintain strategic networks of people and institutions to disseminate KELC-related news and information to
  • Cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This position is supported under the terms of ELCA Service and Justice Expectations and Support for Long Term Global Personnel.
  • Those provisions include: international transportation, transportation related to work assignment, pensions and major medical coverage, assistance with schooling for children from kindergarten through high school, housing and cash salary which is adjusted according to the goods and services differential for Jordan.

If Candidate is Married:

Both must complete an application for this position, even if the spouse will not be fulfilling a specific role in the ministry. In the context of global mission service, a spouse is seen as a representative of the ELCA and of the receiving church regardless of their actual role. It is important for the ELCA that both members of a couple understand the role of missionary and are comfortable with that reality. In addition, an accompanying spouse receives an appointment to service by the ELCA and the support package for mission personnel includes compensation for an accompanying spouse.

General Qualifications for ELCA Global Personnel:

  • Christian faith and a commitment to the mission of the church
  • Openness to various expressions of Christian faith and respect for people of other faiths
  • Respect for beliefs, values and customs of church and culture where assigned
  • Well-developed inter-personal skills demonstrating understanding and compassion
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the responsibilities and the ability to adapt to different standards and practices
  • Ability to work within the framework of a local administration
  • Adaptable and flexible - sense of humor - good physical and emotional health
  • Live and serve in a way which reflects the vision and expectations of the ELCA


Competitive Benefits