Pastor - Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation

    • Job Tracking ID: 512830-639722
    • Job Location: Nairobi, KEN
    • Job Level: Any
    • Level of Education: Masters Degree
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: October 02, 2018
    • Years of Experience: Any
    • Starting Date: July 15, 2019
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Job Description:


  • Nairobi, Kenya

Assignment Includes:

The major assignment of the Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation (NILC) Pastor is to serve with undivided spirit to both the Kiswahili and the English speaking groups with a wide knowledge of their background and self interests. They must be a uniting force in terms of service and attitude to the two groups.

The NILC Pastor, assisted by an associate Pastor, is expected to prepare the Sunday bulletin in both Kiswahili and English languages.They will preach and administer Holy Communion every Sunday or invite a guest preacher to do the same.Both Pastors, assisted by their church elders, are expected to have frequent visits to their church members, especially those with known problems.

There are five major areas of ministries in which the NILC Pastor will be in-charge or give proper supervision.

  • Worship - which deals with alter guild, flowers, musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, drums etc, greeters, choir, and music and the ushers.
  • Learning - which covers bible studies, confirmation, new life, membership, music school, and Sunday school.
  • Witness - which covers men's fellowship, women's fellowship, couples' fellowship, Youth fellowship, dinners, and healing team.
  • Service - which deals with Sunday fellowship, outreach, Parish nursing, photography, dressmaking school, nursery school, and HIV/AIDS support group.
  • Stewardship - which deals with NILC financial auditing, capital improvement, offering counters, building project, and property maintenance.

The NILC Pastor must have an attitude of delegating the services of the above ministries to those who have been chosen to run the same.NILC under their supervision must be represented in all Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church committees, executive council and the general assembly and abide to the KELC constitution.The Pastor will represent the NILC at the Theological committee of KELC and other bodies in which they may be asked to participate.

The NILC Pastor will interpret the mission and ministry of companions back to the ELCA through newsletters, blogs, and visits to ELCA congregations and members.

Site Information:

  • Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church; Nairobi International Lutheran Congregation, Nairobi, Kenya
  • The NILC Pastor is accountable to church members, church council, KELC executive council, and the KELC General assembly. They are also accountable to the sending agent, ELCA, Global Mission.

Experience and Skills:

  • MDiv required, with ordination
  • Lutheran Preferred
  • Ability to learn Kiswahili

Terms and Conditions

This position is supported under the terms of ELCA Global Mission Expectations and Support for Long Term Global Personnel. Those provisions include: international transportation, transportation related to work assignment, pensions and major medical coverage, assistance with schooling for children through high school, housing and cash salary which is adjusted according to the goods and services differential for Kenya.

If Candidate is Married

Both must complete an application for this position, even if the spouse will not be fulfilling a specific role in the ministry. In the context of global mission service, a spouse is seen as a representative of the ELCA and of the receiving church regardless of their actual role. It is important for the ELCA that both members of a couple understand the role of missionary and are comfortable with that reality. In addition, an accompanying spouse receives an appointment to service by the ELCA and the support package for mission personnel includes compensation for an accompanying spouse.

General Qualifications for ELCA Global Personnel

  • Christian faith and a commitment to the mission of the church
  • Openness to various expressions of Christian faith and respect for people of other faiths
  • Respect for beliefs, values and customs of church and culture where assigned
  • Well-developed inter-personal skills demonstrating understanding and compassion
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the responsibilities and the ability to adapt to different standards and practices
  • Ability to work within the framework of a local administration
  • Adaptable and flexible - sense of humor - good physical and emotional health
  • Live and serve in a way which reflects the vision and expectations of the ELCA